Kalle Moen, Product Manager

Need help growing your business?

I’m Kalle. With 5+ years experience in digital marketing, UI/UX design and product management, I help companies double and triple key steps of their marketing funnels.

Yes, I want your help! What's my rate? $4k per week
Lars, IWT and Kissmetrics

... Kalle designed many of our biggest optimization wins. His designs were not only on brand and polished, they moved our key metrics and helped us hit our goals as a team.

Lars Lofgren, Director for Growth at IWT & Former Director of Growth at Kissmetrics
Victor, bestselling author

I joined the company at the same time as Kalle and got the opportunity to see him transition into a management role. Despite the overwhelming responsibilities he grew to fill the new position in a really short amount of time, owning and crushing his team's goals.

Victor Espigares, Bestselling author and Founder of VisualizeUs
David, ux designer

An extremely talented product manager with a large heart and passion for self education. One of the most talented and driven product guys I've ever met.

David Pomfret, Senior UX designer with 8+ years experience

What can I do for you?

I’m here to help your business. I'll double and triple conversion rate on key steps or your marketing funnel, taking it all the way from strategy down to execution.

Some of my fave clients

Golds Gym
Making Waves